Cookies are a very useful way to store small pieces of data on the client's machine which will be kept there even if the browser closed.

Quantum comes with simple `Cookie` library which has all the ncessary methods that helps you to manage cookies.
By default, cookies are automatically encoded and decoded with base64_encode() and base64_decode() functions, but you are free to use more advanced encryption/decription functions instead.

Retrieving cookie data by given key

$data = Cookie::get($key);


Retrieving all cookie data

$data = Cookie::all();


Checking if cookie contains data with given key, which returns true or false



Storing data in the cookie. Check all the arguments in the PHP documentation setcookie section.

Cookie::set($key, $value = '', $time = 0, $path = '/', $domain = '', $secure = FALSE, $httponly = FALSE);


Deleting data from cookie by given key

Cookie::delete($key, $path = '/');


Deleting whole cookie data


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